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Six Reasons Why You Should Choose Finer Air Bearing Casters

Manufacture and export Air Bearing Casters for 20+ years with high reputation.

10MT –60MT Capacity Air Bearing Casters For Your Choose

Air Casters 10T

Air Bearing Casters 16T  

Air Moving Skates 20T

air rigging system 32T

Air Rigging Systems 32T

Air Bearing Casters 48T

Air Bearing Casters 60T

My name is Mr. Yuseph Ks From The United Arab Emirates, Our company mainly offer moving heavy equipment, rigging and hauling services, We bought Finer Air Bearing Casters for many times,  I have to say Finer Air Caster is durable, and Finer company with the timely reply, and cooperate with Finer Company without trouble.

Mr. Yuseph Ks , The United Arab Emirates

I have to say Finer Air Bearing Casters is a valuable seller, the price is competitive and important, goods are durable, We bought Air Casters form Finer Lifting Tools on the year of 2006, now is still working! Very satisfied with the order, A big pleasure to do business with you guys.


I purchased Air Bearing Casters from Finer Lifting Tools many times, the salesperson always can understand my emails meaning, very fast shipping, durable quality, all is great and makes me good and comfortable.  Obviously, this is a five star of quality suppliers, We will certainly buy again and again Finer goods and I wish you the business is thriving!

Logistik Masch , Switzerland

We are Mexico professional moving and handling service offer, it is so happy to find Finer Air Bearing Casters, who let us enjoy the cheap cost with very high-quality air casters, every time we got products from them with fast shipping and good condition.  I should say Thanks!

Eng. Magdy Ayoub, Mexico

Finer Lifting Tools is a great seller! I chat with them on Skype for more than six months, lots of emails, every time the sales reply me timely and patience, offered me an easy and economic moving solution. And now the moving solution and the air casters are still working for more than five years!

Philip W. Matthews, The Philippines

We cooperate with Finer Lifting Tools about eight years ago, doubt their quality on the first time too,  but after we received it then tested it, we feel so happy found Finer Air Casters, they give us a very good reputation in our local market, let our customers enjoy the cheap price with durable quality.

Fábio Carvalho, Russia

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