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Air Bearing Casters 48T

Air Bearing Casters 48T Components

  • Air control console,  one piece

  • Main air tube, one piece/ 30 meters long

  • Vice air tube, six pieces / 6 meters long per piece

  • Air module, six pieces, dimension is 686*686*50mm

  • * The main air tube and the vice air tubes length can be customized as demand.

Air Bearing Casters 48T Specification


Air Bearing Casters Applications

Air Bearing Casters requires the floor as following conditions:

Air bearing casters can be used on the cement floor, polyurethane floor, marble floor and other kinds of floors. It needs the floor smooth with no sharpened fragment, no gap. If there have gaps, please fill in some soil or other similar things then put the sellotape to avoid air-leak.

Need the floor with no water, If there have water on the floor the air modules will be slipped, Not safe.

Air Caster the power source is compressed air, will no mark on the floor, protect the floor from damage.

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