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Air Bearing Casters 60T

Air Bearing Casters 60T Pictures

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air bearing casters drawing

Air Bearing Casters also called air casters, air movers, air moving skates, air rigging systems, air load carriers, air load rollers and so on names.

The air movers power source is compressed air, move heavy duty loads by a thin air film between the loads and the floor surface. The floor needs no gaps, no trash, the more smooth the better.

Air rigging systems moving heavy duty equipment on a smooth floor with nearly friction-free movement in any direction with a low profile, increase the work efficiency, save cost.

Air moving skates applied on moving, transporting, rigging, hoisting and installing heavy duty equipment inside the factory.

Air load carriers of Finer Lifting Tools capacity from 10T to 60T as the standard model, with four or six air modules, the main air tube, and the vice air tubes can be customized as demand. If our models cannot meet your requirement, please kindly feel free contact us, professional service hopefully get your satisfaction.

60T Air Casters  Components Photos

60T Air Casters

Main Air Tube

air control console Finer tools

Air Control Console

vice air tube--60T Air Rigging Systems

Vice Air Tube

air module Finer Lifting Tools

Air Module

air bag--60T air bearing casters


Air Bearing Casters 60T Components

60T Air Casters parameters Finer Tools
  • Air Bearing Casters 60T Components

  • Main air tube, one piece/ 30 meters long

  • Vice air tube, six pieces / 6 meters long per piece

  • Air module, six pieces, dimension is 686*686*50mm

  • *The main air tube and the vice air tubes length can be customized as demand.

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