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Air Casters 10MT

Air Casters 10MT Components

  • Air control console,  one piece, with four small wheels, can move it easily.

  • Main air tube, one piece/ 30 meters long.

  • Vice air tube, four pieces / 6 meters long per piece

  • Air module, four pieces, dimension is 380*380*50mm

  • The main air tube and the vice air tubes length can be customized as demand.

Finer Air Casters 10T Components pictures

Finer Air Casters advantages

  • Easy to operate: No need special train, workers can operate by manual instruction easily.

  • Durable: Finer Air Casters durable for more than ten years without quality problems.

  • Rich Experience: Finer Lifting Tools company focus on the highest quality standards in every air casters from the year of 1998. We have rich experience in Air Bearing Casters.

  • Protect Your Floor: This is a thin air film between the heavy loads and the floor, will NO-Mark on the floor.

  • Safety: Finer Air Casters works as low floor loading, no damage to workers and the loads.

  • Flexible: Finer Air Casters can move in any directions, which is maneuverable.

  • No-Spark: Finer Air Casters power source is compressed air, not electric, is Spark-free allows used in hazardous areas.

  • No-pollution: Air Casters power source is compressed air, no-pollution,no messy fuels or electric, save cost.

Finer Lifting Tools 10MT Air Casters Parameters:

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