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Air Rigging Systems 32T

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Air Rigging Systems 32T Finer Lifting Tools

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Air Rigging Systems 32T Finer lifting tools

Air Rigging Systems are also known as air casters, air bearing movers, air film transporters, air load carriers and so on names.  Air Casters manufactured by Finer Lifting Tools from the year of 1998 export to more than 50 countries and areas with high reputation from our customers.

Air Bearing Movers applied to all types of load moving equipment, and the capacity from 10T to 60T as standard models with four or six air modules. Can be customized as demand.

Air Bearing Casters just need compressed air, No need other powers, No spark, No pollution, is environmentally friendly.

Air Rigging Systems can works on moving heavy duty equipment inside the factory, move transformers,  move or position containers, can handle any size or any shape machinery with ease and safety.

Air Rigging Systems Applications

Finer air caster 32T
32 T Air Moving Casters FINER lifting tools

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